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Blockprint Offerings by Wilde.Ink

Wilde.Ink offers DIY printing sessions at an hourly rate in the studio. You can book a session and using the blocks from the Wilde.Ink library… cover up the stains on your favorite clothing items and give them new life, create a memorable shirt for time spent in Taos, give the kids an activity and skill to learn, explore your creative side and create something unique to a moment in time. 


Wilde.Ink also offers private lessons and DIY printing events/ pop ups for birthdays and other celebrations/ gatherings, and retreats. Pricing varies based on amount of guests and how many items printed, etc.


Some DIY offerings include:

Upcycling printing

tshirt printing 

bandana/ tea towel printing 

tapestry printing 

paper printing 


Laurel offers classes for children and adults in her studio in Arroyo Seco, NM to teach how to design and carve blocks, how to print, and how to create pattern. These are provided in a 4-6 session series. Class packages are available for school groups. 


Inquiries for sessions, events, and pricing for classes should be emailed to

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